Quidplayer is a unique embeddable online MP3 player store that allows artists to sell tracks to their fans directly from their website or MySpace profile, and allows fans to set their own price for the tracks they download.
Fans Pick the Price
Quidplayer’s unique “pay what you want” design is based on the philosophy that people will pay good money for good music - even if it’s up to them to pick the price. Fans can pay a price they think is fair, leave a tip to show their support, and rest assured knowing that the artist takes home 90% of the profits.

Personalized Storefront and Checkout
Quidplayer allows artists to sell tracks directly from their website or MySpace profile. It is designed by a singer/songwriter so it has the features artists want. You pick the colors, add a personal note to your checkout, and much more!

Connect Artists with Fans
Quidplayer ushers in a new paradigm in online music sales where fans value music based on the relationship they have with the artist. All aspects of Quidplayer are designed to foster a supportive, more intimate bond between artists and their fans.

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